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Tips To Buy Gemstone
Posted: 2012-11-06


Tips to buy gemstone

1. Get information about the gemstone that you want to buy, is it semi precious or precious gems ?

2. Get information about the shape of the stone, is it cabochon or cutting ?

3. Get information about the that you want to buy, do you want to be fit with your astrology, month of birth, supranatural, etc

4. Buy the gemstone that you really want by avoiding the gemstone trend because you are the one who wear that gemstone.

5. Find information about the price in any market by go from shop to shop, check on online shopping such as facebook, buy and sell sites, etc

6. Ask the seller if they have a best stone of his collection since not all the gemstones are put on the display.

7. Bring your gemstone tool e.g LED flashlight and magnifier loop since you cannot see barely the surface and inside of the stone to avoid crack or scratch gemstone.

8. Bring your expert friends about gemstone to avoid gemstone scam

9. If you buy item through online shopping such as web, facebook, buy sell sites try to buy on spot / COD / Cash on Delivery except the seller is trusted and the item is guarantee for refund in case of a problem.

10. Do you want to buy loose stone or stone with ring ?

11. Ring consist of many kind such as copper, alloy, stainless, silver, gold, gold with diamond and all of them are also mark up the price.

12. Do not tempted by the offer of the gemstone broker since the price usually has already mark up higher.

13. If you want to buy the gemstone rough, just make sure you have an experience to choose the mineral gemstone rough cause sometimes the result after polished is not exactly that you are expected.

14. Do you want to buy Natural or Synthetic Gemstone ?


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Tips to buy gemstone

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